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What is Just Wallet?

Just Wallet is an electronic Stable Coin  money platform that lets you store multiple payment options together.

We use blockchain technology to keep all of your digital wallets and credit cards safely in one place for quick and easy access.

 Send and receive payments

Multi-currency account

Keep money in local currency and transfer money anywhere with just your username

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Merchant integration

Accept payments on your site using a simple HTML form and IPM notifications

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Purchase protection

If something goes wrong with your transaction, Just Wallet will refund you

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Just Wallet connects buyers and sellers around the world

Join thousands of Just Wallet users around the world

Safe & secure

Shop with confidence. If you don't receive your order, we'll refund the money to your account.

Invoice system

Send bills to your customers, receive payment, and withdraw funds from your account with convenient payment options.

Shops & payment

Pay for goods and services. Choose a store, add a note about the purchase, and complete your payment, safely and quickly.

Exchange Currency

Exchange and save multiple currencies in one wallet.

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